Pafit Social Media Icons Sample

Pafit Social Media Icons

This is a Shopify app for setting up links to Social Media Messaging such as Facebook Messenger for handling inquiries.

You can also add URLs for social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

Pafit Social Media Icons Overview

This app will be used to add links to social media.


This is recommended for those who want to respond to inquiries with Facebook Messenger etc.

Social Media Customer Service

Resolve customer concerns and offering prompt customer support via channels such as Facebook Messenger.

Boost Social Media Followers

There is no need to develop to use Data Layer.Get more likes and followers by placing links to social media.

Time and Effort

No-code is needed to install and activate this app.

How to install

It takes about 5 minutes.

Pafit Tag Management step1



InstallPafit Social Media Icons from Shopify App Store.

Pafit Tag Management step2



Enter the Social Media ID or URL that you want to display on your Shopify store.

Pafit Social Media Icons Sample


Save your settings

By saving your Social Media ID or URL, SNS icon will be displayed in the store.

Supported Services

You can set up tags for the following services at once.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Profile





LINE Official Account

Contact form URL

Phone number


Basic plan


Shopify app store

Scheduled to be available on the Shopify app store in January-February 2022.

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