Pafit Tag Management Configuration

Pafit Tag Management for GTM

This app helps you collect important data about your customers, sales, and marketing for your Shopify store.

Easy to collect data for Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, Google Ad Conversions and more.

Pafit Tag Management Overview


This app simplifies the data collection in Shopify store
and takes care of preparing the tags andData Layer for Google Tag Manager.




In data analysis, it’s very important to record the data first.
This app prevents “I didn’t record the data”.



Easy to install

You can easily set up GTM and Data Layer in your Shopify store in about 10-20 minutes.



There is no need to develop to use Data Layer.


Collection of various data

You’ll be able to collect data on micro conversions from Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.


Bulk tracking settings

You can manage all settings for sending conversion information to each ad service.


Automate 50+ GTM tags

50+ marketing tags, including Google Analytics 4, are at your fingertips.


Automate 100+ GTM settings

Automate 100+ GTM settings for 8 services.

How to install


It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete configuration of the application.


Pafit Tag Management step1



Install Pafit Tag Management from Shopify App Store.

Pafit Tag Management step2



For example, if you are using Google Analytics (GA) or Google Ads, check these services. You can also enter your Tracking ID and Conversion ID.

Pafit Tag Management step3


Submit GTM settings

If you have already prepared tracking ID and conversion ID, you can complete these three steps in about 10 minutes.

Supported Services


You can set up tags for the following services at once.


Google Tag Manager

Bulk management of tracking codes and other tags is possible.

Google Analytics 4

New Google Analytics 4 (GA4) eCommerce data collection support.

Universal Analytics

Support for Universal Analytics, the old Google Analytics

Facebook Ads

Support for standard events such as ViewContent and Purchase on Facebook Pixel.

Twitter Ads

Support for standard events such as ViewContent and Purchase on Twitter Pixel.

Google Ads

Supports not only conversions, but also remarketing data collection.

Snapchat Ads

Support for the Snap Pixel used in the world’s most popular Snapchat ads.


Support for LiNE Tag base code and conversion settings.

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

Supports retargeting and conversion settings for display and search ads.


Example in GA4


If you just install the GA4 tag (gtag.js), only the page_view event will be recorded.


PTM GA4 Tag list

This app supports recording of events such as view_item and purchase event.



Please check this page.

Shopify app store


Available on the Shopify app store from November 17, 2021

You can install from the Shopify app store.


Reference: Events


The following evens can be passed to each service.



The title or URL of the page that was viewed


Information when user log in


Search keywords in the site search


Displayed collection list


Information about the product displayed on the product detail page


Information about the selected product


Information about the product added to your cart


Information in the cart when the cart is displayed


Information on products removed from your cart


Information when you proceed to settlement


Information about the product that has been purchased



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